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Ridge Racer Horror


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Been playing Ridge Racer for a couple of weeks now on PSP. I liked it so much I bought a second cheap copy from AVF so that I can play wireless against my 10 year old lad. IT’S THE WORST THING I EVER DID !! He kicks my ass big style. I thought I was getting good. He spends ten minutes on the damned thing and already he’s a bl**dy genius. The embarrassment of it. It could be worse I suppose, it might be the wife panning me!
How can it be that in a wireless battle using the same car, at a standing start, within a matter of seconds he leaves me in a cloud of dust. C’mon fella’s I need some serious help here to retain my credibility as hip Dad. Any hints, tip trick or cheats anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.

ush flynn

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you are i take it doing the fast start off the line? Like in most arcade driving games if you start accelerating at the right moment you jump off the line quicker, its been a while since i played ridge racer on my psp but i know you can do it. Which type of drifting to you go for? Personally i use the 3rd type of cars, the slippery ones that drift very easily, i tend to find myself drifting over whole tracks, best way to get boosts too. Touching the sides will slow you down tons as you well know. Remember that its very arcadey and some corners you can just drive through and the car seems to turn automatically. A couple of tracks with bumps i find myself turning into the drift before the bump, landing sideways and gaining a sort of boost around the corner


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There's no hope for you Peter. Practice is futile.:D

My 11 year nephew caned me on Xbox Live Halo 2. Got fed up with dying before even getting one shot in, so I gave up and thought I'd try challenging my 8 year old son with PGR 2.

Like you, I practiced for a while first. Then, being devious, I tell my son he's only allowed a 10 minute practice, and then we race! :devil:

I don't need to tell you what happened from that point on, as there's no need for me to humiliate myself any further...

Have fun ;)

Deleted member 39001

hahahahahahaha :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
This is the funniest post I've read for ages. You've got absolutly no chance mate. I'd put it down to age and reactions, his are like a bullet going 1000 times faster then normal his brain is 1000 faster then the most intelligent human. Sure you have expieriance and intelligence but matched to a 10 year old no chance.
You can always try subtle bribary like a mcdonalds or something if he lets you win he he.


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I even loose on a good ol game of snap!!

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