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Riddle of the LCD Projector

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by osmosis, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. osmosis


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    If anyone could help me I would be v.grateful.....esp. as this is maybe a little "out of context" in the AV Forum:

    I own a Sony VPL-CS4 with < avg use in ~15mths of ownership. All fine until I accidentally connected it the wrong way (I connected the power lead to the unit with the plug already in the (live) plug socket)

    A large crackle was heard. I Left a while, then reconnected. It powered up ok but as soon as the image appeared it was red-saturated

    I have acc. damage cover with my insurance co so....

    ...long story cut short....

    ...Ins. co. are refusing to pay out because the engineer's report states the red-saturation was due to wear/tear of the 'colour processing unit' and not related to the accidental usage/crackle

    They would welcome a 3rd party report to prove otherwise but this is v.pricey (as is the ~£500 cost of repair!)

    My Q: What could have happened to cause the red-saturation from the mis-connection??

    My incident was completely 'discrete' - one moment working, the incident, then not working. Yet I feel I am being treated as a (clumsy red-wine drinking) dodgy claimant.

    I would really appreciate any help to understand what went on inside the Sony to get the claim back on track.


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