Ridata Slimline Jewel Cases - Where to buy ?


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My local poundshop has'nrt had these for weeks though I see the same prices online trouble is all places I've seen slap on up to £6 postage. Anyone know where to buy these with cheaper postage ?


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If you live near a town that has a street market, there may be a stall that sells them. I bought 6 double CD cases for 90p locally.

Also http://www.maplin.co.uk/ charge about £2 carriage if you are not near a store but cases are 1.99 for 3.


I got my slimline CD cases from www.sevendayshop.co.uk but can't remember what they charge for delivery.
Do you have any computer fairs near you? I often get cases from a fair at about 20p each and its normally around £2 to get in.



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Ahh yes 7dayshop forgot about them though 5 for 99p plus 95 postage this is poor value. Hopefully the poundshop will have more in, sometime, will then buy 10,656 of them ;-)
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