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Ricoh GR users?


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I'm thinking of trying one of these, and have read plenty of reviews and watched videos etc.

It looks ideal for my needs, but before I pull the trigger is there anyone in here with actual experience of one that can offer any advice or opinions.

I'll occasionally use it for street photography, landscapes and macros. I want great image quality, but it must fit in a trouser pocket.

Will the image quality be streets ahead of an rx100?



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Hi MonkeyPrince,

I do not have a Ricoh GR but I have recently acquired a Nikon Coolpix A for very similar money to the GR, from your research you will no doubt know that these cameras are similar and in many reviews are pitted against each other. I was in a similar position to you, I also wanted the portability aspects of such a camera but I was reluctant to see a reduction the image quality and I felt both the Coolpix A and the Ricoh offered both. I also considered the Sony RX100 that you mentioned but I felt I wanted just to try a fixed lens. To be honest I could not decide between the Coolpix A or the GR, in the end I just preferred the more retro look of the silver Nikon.

As these cameras are so similar a couple of points that I have found, I do find it slightly frustrating as it does not have any zoom, I am beginning to adapt to this. I also find the autofocus on the Nikon slightly strange at times as it focuses on something that I would not expect. The GR snap focus appealed to me although I have found that the Nikon allows me to select manual focus for a given distance say 10 foot and as long as you select a suitable F stop all remains in focus, so this then offers a similar snap type of focus although this is a work around and the GR will I am sure perform this type of function far better. However whilst I am still learning how the camera works I have been able to produce some images that I have been really pleased with. A real positive aspect is I do find myself carrying a camera on a far more regular basis.

If you can live without the zoom and the obvious initial outlay as these type of cameras are far from cheap I am sure you will be pleased with the GR. Whatever you decide it will be the right decision.

A few shots that I have been able to achieve.

Good luck with your choice.


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That third photo is the Albert Dock?


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That third photo is the Albert Dock?

Thank you Dazimus I had no idea what the actual name of the docks were, I just knew that it was in the middle of Liverpool, I was staying for one night just around the corner due to a work commitment. I had a nice meal overlooking this area.


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Hi Scottydog

Thanks very much for taking the time to answer, it sounds like we've been along the same decision path.
I tried the Ricoh for a couple of days, but found the lack of zoom a real hindrance (way more so than I'd predicted).

I liked the snap focus, but I found the auto focus a bit hit and miss. Lack of image stability was the final nail in the coffin for me. These were all things that I knew about, but I'd hope I'd fall in love with the handling/image quality - which although close, I didn't quite do.

I've just bought an RX100M2 on these forums, and already it has outperformed the GR in nearly all of my side by side comparison shots - which has astounded me to be honest.

So far I'm chuffed.

Here are a couple from my first day of ownership

PS thanks again, and nice photos by the way :smashin:



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Hi there MonkeyPrince,

You can have no complaints looking at those photographs and I am glad that you are happy with camera that you purchased, it is amazing what they can pack into a small camera these days.

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