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Is it just me or is EVERTHING on the richer sounds webpage "out of stock"

i have tried to get things of there web page in the store, but the guy there dont know what im talking about!!!

I mean, whats the point of even having a webpage, you cant buy anything from there. im sure im not the only one that is PO'ed.

im not a very happy bunny, sort it out richer sounds!!


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Richer sounds get a lot of flak and in many cases rightly so. In my experience they pretend not to know anything but are actually quite clever and try and sell you their own cheaper kit instead. For this reason i recommend to be exceptionally wary, never let them force you into a sale without proper research on what they are selling.



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The websites a joke.

So is a lot of their stock.

To be fair they are quite good if you do get something from them, but they are biased to their own stuff, eg Cambridge, Eltax, Gale etc.

A couple of bargains here and there, but pretty rare really.

If you want a listen of better stuff, go elsewhere.


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If you specifically want something, one of their bargains, go to them looking like an amateur and point something out from a if you dont know how much they charge, but it is hat model you want. They will more than likely have it, once they produce it, then show them the ad price or internet price then they will have much more trouble getting out of it.

There is a whole subject devoted to getting what you want from is an acquired skill!


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