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This Saturday I was in the city centre, and I wound up in the local Richer Sounds. I hadn't been in there for more than a minute before my wife had collared one of the sales guys, and had us ensconced on the demo room sofa listening to some of their demo AV receivers.

Long story short, I ended up leaving the store with a nice new X3600, which, as I was promised, has since proved to be a pretty nice upgrade from my previous one.

Only problem was, that after I got home, I noticed that Peter Tyson were selling the X3600 with a 6 year warranty, whereas it was an additional £ 70 or so from Richer Sounds. Now I have bought pretty much most of my AV gear from them over the years - but I tend to keep my stuff for some time, so I'm not exactly in and out of their store.

So I thought to myself that I would ring the store and see if something could be done to rectify this - after all, we all like to think we are getting a fair deal when spending this kind of money.

Before I called, I though I'd just quickly check the receipt to see if it said anything about the warranty on there - and it was then I discovered why I keep going back to Richer Sounds.

The manager, without even mentioning it to me, had included a 6 year warranty included in the sale price.

I know where I'll be going when upgrade my projector to a 4K one......


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I contrary to you have only recently bought my first ever item from RocherSounds (happens to be also 3600h :) ) and I must say that my experience was also top notch. Just smooth sailing in a very relaxed atmosphere.

After I got it and the price has dropped a bit few days later they matched the price without any hassle. I do not think it will be my last purchase there :)
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