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Feb 21, 2002
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I'm about to buy a DVD player from Richer Sounds, and I'm intrigued by their 'Supercare' warranty, where for £20 they offer a quite comprehensive 3 year warranty, and if you don't claim, they refund 100% of the warranty cost at the end of the period.
Has anyone got any experience of this?
Is it genuine? (I know they have offered this for a couple of years now).
Are there any catches?
It just seems a bit too good to me, but then I'm a bit sceptical about most offers.

Any info would be appreciated.

PS to moderators - I couldn't decide where to put this post, & I'm not sure if this is in the correct forum, so I won't be offended if it gets moved - Thanks
Never had the supercare price refunded, but after 2yrs and 11months, used it to get 50% buy back on a Amplifier for an upgrade. Excellent service - no questions asked....


Recently had a Sony 930 a/v amp which had died on me after over 2 years and Richer replaced it with a brand new Marantz SR5200 with no arguments.
Just replaced my Samsung 709 bought for £200 3 years ago and go 40% back. This would have been 50% but I couldn't supply the original box.:( The Supercover cost £18.

The new Sony box is stored safely in the loft for the next 3 years:)
Do the T&C's of the warranty mention that you have to supply the box to get the full 50%?
Originally posted by AOD
Do the T&C's of the warranty mention that you have to supply the box to get the full 50%?

Yes it does state that returns must have original packing

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