Richer Sounds Price Matching.


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After much consideration I have decided to go for a low end amp at about £100-150. RS has the Sony STRDE-495 for £99.95.

Another option is the Yamaha HTR5630 which RS has for £169.95. However, the same amp is £157.89 delivered from http://www.petertyson.co.uk/ so if I could get it from RS for £147.89 I'd probably get that instead of the Sony.

The RS price beat guarantee http://www.richersounds.co.uk/index.php?f=price_beat.htm says they only beat prices from the list of sites there, and the list doesn't include Peter Tyson.

Anyone know if RS would beat the price anyway or are they strict that a retailer has to be in their "list"? If I can't get the Yamaha at that price I mayaswell go ahead and get the Sony and try it out rather than spend £70 more I could spend on speakers, cables etc.

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I don't think they will price match but its allways worth a try.Its a poor shop anyway,they never have anything i want and allways try and sell me some crap i don't want.


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I got the Eltax AVR280 = crap, Sony STRDE495, wonderful piece of kit. I'll spent what I saved on a subwoofer or something :)
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