Richer Sounds implied that the Toshiba 42WP16 might get cheaper

Jon Weaver

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I visited R.S yesturday and asked about the availablity of the 42" Toshiba.

They told me that they could get one within a week or so.. But when I told them that I wasn't in a hurry, they said that I would be better to wait.

The reason was that "By Christmas, they expect them to be selling for £2500, or even £2000"

This seems a bit of a strange thing to say, as effectivly they were talking me out of buying one.

I told them that this sounded unlikely, but was told that "when the price came down to £2999, they already knew that the next step would be £2500 or £2000".. This decision has already been made and is in the pipline!

Does anyone know anything about this??


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At the very least, it is a reasonable assumption that prices of Plasmas (and LCDs probably) will continue to fall. This is pretty much true of any new technology. As prices fall, demand increases and scale economies make lower prices attainable. Eventually, they will reach a level at which the mass-market buyer is prepared to buy, at which point, prices will stabilise.

Jon Weaver

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This is true, but the Toshiba 42WP16 is an obsolete model, so there must be limited stocks.

At £3000 they are very desirably and I would imagine that they would sell their entire stock before the price has chance to drop.

Its not like they are making any more (as far as I know).. What R.S. are currently selling is the backlog.

I have been told by a reliable source that Plamsa prices are currently dropping due to manufacturers over estimating demand and ending up with huge stocks. THey are therefore reducing prices to clear stock.

Once they stocks are clear, manufacturers will build at a lower rate (and cost) and prices could go back up.

Not sure if this is entirely true, but its what I have been told.

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