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The wonderful Richard Donner has passed away aged 91. Responsible for one of my all time favourites - Superman. Very sad news, but what a legacy he leaves - Superman The Movie, The Omen, Four Lethal Weapons, Scrooged, Ladyhawke and The Goonies.




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That's devastating news. What a legend he was, made some absolute stunners.

In fact that CV is one of the all time greats.

I can feel a Lethal Weapon marathon is on the cards.


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Very sad to hear became a legend when he gave the world Superman before that The Omen and countless cult tv shows, thereafter Ladyhawk, The Goonies, Lethal Weapon and countless more!

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Oh no, I’ve literally yesterday just listened to a UK podcast interview he did with Spocklight - a Star Trek based pod - from 2017:

He spoke so well in it, and was confident at the time that a Lethal Weapon 5 was about to be green lit. A proper Hollywood legend who tackled (and excelled) in practically every genre. RIP Dick Donner.


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A truly lovely man. I was 10 when I seen Superman at the cinema and I think it shaped me for life.



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My happiest memories are of the days I spent living in London as a student in the 80's. And in almost every one those memories there is a movie poster of a Richard Donner movie in the background. I even remember promotion girls giving away Leathal Weapon condoms in Leicester Square !

What an incredible legacy to leave behind, and whilst reaching the age of 91 is an quite achievement, I still feel deeply saddened that he has gone.


Although not doing full TV series worked on some of the best series of there kind did some of the first season of The Man From UNCLE which for me was the very best and Have Gun Will Travel which is classed as one of the outstanding cowboy series.

And who can forget if seen the absolute classic Twilight Zone episode "The Twilight Zone" Nightmare at 20,000 Feet (TV Episode 1963) - IMDb getting a score of 9.1.

R.I.P. Richard


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Came across as a really decent guy in the interviews and Dir Commentaries that I listened too.

Some truly great movies (including the greatest superhero movie of all) in his resume too.


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RIP to the master. I could never ever forget the impact Superman had on me as a little child in 1978 watching on the big screen those main titles unfold & blast away John Williams fantastic score.


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Superman The Movie the first film I ever saw at the cinema and remains a real favourite to this day. Also the film that triggered my love of film music.
Lethal Weapon also a big favourite of its genre for me.

RIP Richard Donner - great director


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Very Sad. But what a Legacy to leave behind.


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RIP Mr Donner, thank you for the memories and the entertainment! This man set the bar in the movie industry for Action movies and Superhero movies. If its a Donner movie, you know you are in for a real treat, still wowing people 45 years later!


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I concur with all the comments that have been made here.

He didn't look his age, and whilst his passing at 91 is not a tragedy it's most certainly sad not only for lovers of film but of course his family. That clip above from Superman is one helluva long (presumably) tracking shot beautifully realised.

I well remember the opening titles to that film at the cinema with the words flying in and out and the accompanying whooshing sound plus that stirring music from the great John Williams, it still gets to me. He will be sorely missed, R.I.P. Sir.


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Only just seen this, really sad news. Am a big fan of Richard Donner, in the last few months I've watched the whole Lethal Weapon series and Superman in 4k, just fantastic. Such a talented and versatile director with a sense of fun - his weakest films are still better than some directors career bests.

Can remember coming out the cinema as a small kid after watching Superman, and running down the street trying to take off! Then as an adult I rewatch it and see the genius in shots like the crop field pan that signals the start of the journey.

The Goonies was a major event in my childhood too, absolute magic.


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Richard Donner was one of the main reasons I love movies now. I can remember the local corner shop charging 20p to watch 'Superman' when it was first released on home video. We didn't have a video at the time so this was a god send for me. Whenever I hear the Superman theme now, it always takes me back to being crammed with a dozen other kids in the back room of the corner shop. The Omen helped cement my love of horror movies and Lethal Weapon (along with Die Hard) helped shape action movies for the next 30 years. But for me, The Goonies stands above them all. For a kid in a small, dead end town with an over active imagination this spoke to me like nothing else. The way Donner handled the kids performances speaks volumes about the guy. They were obviously loving it and it shows on the screen. I must have seen The Goonies close to a hundred times but this still gets me every time...


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Donner's Superman is literally my favourite movie of all time. Saw it at the cinema when I was 8 and loved it ever since, pure magic.

The rest of his work is obviously a list of classics. Surely everyone must like at least one of his movies, what ever genre you enjoy.

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