Rich Man Poor Man fiasco by Universal Playback

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by GMC, Apr 26, 2002.

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    I recently bought the Universal Playback's Rich Man Poor Man DVD box set and have just finished watching it.

    Perhaps Universal could explain to me why 50 minutes are missing from the story.

    Having thought the story did not make sense, I duly found the tape I had made when I recorded it off TV and was able to actually watch the missing 50 minutes.

    I am sorry but this is not good enough and I certainly hope
    that they remaster the box set, I also suggest they correct the very sloppy errors on the back cover of the set:

    Edward Asner's name appears twice
    Ed Barth plays a character called Papadakis not vice versa
    They can't spell alcoholism

    Frankly I am surprised that a major film company like Universal can produce so many shoddy products. The debacle over the Season One release of Xena comes to mind too.

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