RGBW lighting behind the TV. Looking for advice


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Sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Please move if so.

Basically I have a 58" TV in the living room and a 24" monitor for my PC setup (The monitor may change out at some point for one that can connect to an arm that then connects to the wall), and I'm looking at putting some lighting behind each of them.

After a bit of reading I've learned I was going to make a mistake & just buy a simple LED strip only to find that it's RGBW I should be looking at - as I'd like the option of colours (who knows, may never use them but nice to have the option) in addition to proper white and not just cream that I read RGB provides.

Reading various reviews on some return results of poor brightness etc and I was quickly getting needle-in-haystack vibes.

So basically I'm looking for recommendations on what to get. I wont mention budget because if I say £20 & that gets me something I'll not be happy with (dim lighting for example) then I'll have to spend more. So we'll go off what I want and see what needs to be spent to get that.

One thing I would like though is

1) For it to turn off when the TV/monitor turns off.
2) For it to be programmable (changeable) without having to get up and go behind the TV/monitor and start fiddling. Perhaps via an app or remote.

Ok that's 2 things not 1 :)

Over to you.

Joe Fernand

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‘Back lighting’ can be different things to different folk - AVForums have a decent article on the basics, it’s a couple of years old but still relevant.


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