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Anybody got any experience or ideas about such a device. I want to put my satt decoder through the Faroudja 2200 to do an A/B comparison.

Thanks Gordon,
I'll order one tommorrow to start the test. Basically I'm looking at the AVIA and VE test discs via this and S-video via Faroudja and then plasma and projector direct using their scalers.

Let you know what happens.


Did you get the convertor, if so whats it like compared to s-vid?

Tried the convertor and direct RGBs aswell as direct S-Video.

The RGB seems clearer more defined but not massively so. I would say that certain movies (Toy Story etc) you can see the difference between the feeds more than other films.

Using the converter I can see little if any difference in the picture and the line details. Testing on the Avia disc there is a slitght improvement from the converter over the straight S-Video feed I am busy with a report that I will post giving the exact differences.

I can report that subjectively most people seem to prefer the Svid/converter or direct S vid to the RGBs very strange!!!

I am now awating delivery of the new Faroudja NRS with DCDI to complete my tests.
I will post some results in the next week or so.

Watching the test discs and calibrating is really hard thirsty work but someone's got to do it.
The 2200 transcodes component down to s-video before processing. That's where their bandwidth expansion circuit comes in. I'd image that when you get the NRS (which deals with component properly) you'll see a more obvious difference.

Hi Gordon,
I expect that this will be the case but what I really want to see is the RGBs input. The NRS can accept RGBs so I will not need to transcode from the Sky / Cable boxes. I am not sure of the limits of the Faroudja with respects to the Composite synch but initial specs are within that which we get from our scart equipment.

IMHO the best pictures (non-digital) are RGBHV so I am looking forward to seeing how good the units handles the RGB input.

Anyway I will let you know.

PS Faroudja are sending me some specs on a/v synch delays on differing inputs within the box so that should be interesting



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