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I have a question as it seems alot of you are pluging your RGB sources into a JS Tech box and then switching that into the VGA (DSub15) input on your PWD6.

I have got a the dual slot (component/RGB SVHS Composite) TY-42TM6Y board for my PWD6 installed and it says that I can switch between Component YUV and RGBHV on the main BNC connectors.

I have tried it with component and it works, but seeing as most devices output RGB does this mean they output RGBHV and if so could I make up a cable going from a Scart plug to the BNC connectors on here?

I haven't found a cable yet that is scart to 5 BNC (or phono for that matter).


Scart to 4 phono or BNC is available, and does in theory work. Panasonic sell one themsevles. You are at the mercy of the scart device though, if the signals are not spot on (often not) it just won't quite work, intensely irritating. That's why we all sing the JS box's praises, it makes RGBS (sync on composite) into genuine RGBHV, and is signal tolerant. If you have one of these things knocking around it's worth trying, but since the cable is £50 or so, and it will use up your component input, it's not worth pursueing that hard.


No surprise there then. I've done it successfully a couple of times, it just can't be relied upon, and takes too long for me, with the fiddling about involved. Fine for you if fiddling is what you like, for me it's just a job. I don't leave home without a JS box or 2.


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Exactly MAW, hence why my next pruchase will be a JS-Technology converter box. I am thinking about getting the Plasma VGA version which I think will give me the best quality, I just need to confirm this.

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