rgbhv better than component rca why?


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Why is component to rgbhv [conversion] considered to be better than a
straight forward 3 rca/bnc to 3rca/bnc component connection to plasma?

Please explain in full detail if you know why this is and how it works>

Is any body out there?


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I assumed it was the other way around! Component out (Y, Pr, Pb) is better than RGB. That's why I went for Progressive Component output on my Arcam DV88 with the Silcon Image 504 board into my Panny via the VGA D-sub port.

The only benefit of using the RGB scart (again I assumed) was that you got the automatic wide screen switching with it.

I could be wrong!


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RGBhv isn't scart (or even just RGB), it's 5 rca video cables (or can be via VGA), the usual Red Green Blue, plus horizontal and vertical sync is sent seperately


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Too many variables to say if one is better than the other.

Depends on source, display etc. etc.

For example a dvd is stored in component on the disc, 4:2:2 YCrCb component to be exact, so idealy you take it out SDI (as this is what SDI uses) so there is one less A/D conversion being done and also one less D/A conversion being done. Then put that into the scaler and then output whatever the screen prefers, some screens will take RGB straight in so RGB is prefered, others convert to component so you can have total control of colour and tint etc. if that is the case then going in YUV may be preferable as it will not have to be converted by the screen on the way in, the screen will convert back to RGB on the wat to teh display though.
So unless you get the specs for every piece of equipment you own and work out where conversions are done and then try and set it up with the least conversions going on as possible I would not worry about it! :)

Having said that changing colourspace is always done pretty well these days.


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mep, thanks for enlightening me on that one. I presumed as my DV88 had RGB via its SCART thats how it is. But on closer inspection the component out on my DV88 is also labeled R,G,B too so I stand corrected. Also I note that in order to use R,G,B out via component you also have to use the composite out for the sync with the other sync being sent down the Blue channel.

That would imply to me that R,G,B + sync (4RCA) on composite is better than just R,G,B (3RCA) and that R,G,B,h,v (5RCA) would be better still as all the signals are split out. But I bet it's not as simple as that ;)


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no worries, hope you're enjoying your PHD8!..looks like a nice set up

edit: you're probably right mate but I haven't tried it and like the PQ I have now. I imagine the improvements would be marginal, minus a a scaler.


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thanks - well - it is a nice setup and I've had the plasma since last Tuesday but it's still sitting in its box in the spare room!! I know, I know... I am finding it difficult to leave it there too but after this weekends decorating (sanding down new plaster!) I am glad it is still there - dust is still manifesting itself from my person even now ! I am planning on hooking it up tomorrow night or Wednesday.... can't wait...!

theo cupier

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take it you've checked the thing over though - that warranty clock is running out! I had to struggle to get mine tested within the 12 hours AV Sales request.


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Hmm, no it was opened and physically checked for damage when it arrived but hasn't even been plugged in yet. Don't know anything about 12 hour check. Am I missing something?

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