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Which is supposed to be superior picture quality? RGB or S-Video? I was always told RGB, but when I tried it (setting my DVD player to RGB, using a 21-pin Scart to conect to a RGB-enabled Scart socket on the TV), the picture was a lot duller than when I use S-Video or composite. Am I using the correct Scart cable (it's a 21-pin IXOS) or MUST it be a dedicated RGB cable? Is the picture improvement with RGB supposed to be noticeable or only slight?


Ian J

In general RGB will give a better picture than S-video and the increase in quality will range from neglible to great depending on the engineering in the DVD player and TV

You can either use a fully wired cable or one that is only partly wired for RGB only and it is the quality of the cable itself, including the screening that is important and not how many of the pins are actually connected.

I am surprised that you find RGB to be duller than s-video or composite as it should be much brighter and vibrant so I wonder if you have a fault somewhere.

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