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I currently have my ondig box connected via a scart terminal board into the back of my panny 6.
My quandry is : should i get a JS RGB >VGA converter and feed this via the VGA input ( I currently feed my DVD through this)

The current ondig pic is acceptable - but not out of this world.
i know that the ondig pic will never rival that of a DVD - but will this investment justify the outlay - ie will the pic be at least 60%


appreciate your views


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The VGA input on the Panny is very good and with the JS TECH RGB2VGA, you can get a pretty impressive TV picture. From what I have seen with the Panny, it is sensitive to the quality of the input, but get it right and wow! :)

I use the RGB2VGA with NTL and still cannot believe how great the picture looks compared to others I saw demo'd.

Personally, I would rate the convertor very highly...and if you ask someone like MAW, he will tell you how fussy I am :D

I would say to give it a go and I would be surprised if you think it isn't an improvement. Even if you are not happy, it is pretty easy to sell the RGB2VGA's on the forum 2nd hand without losing too much...


P.S. I am still running NTL direct via the RGB2VGA as I think the picture is actually better (sharper) direct, than through my iScan :eek:


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i'm also intreasted in one of these....

does anyone know the best price for the version 2. Is ordering from js direct the best price. £125 inc delivery.



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I am using Q-sync from QED. It's 150 quid from hi-ficalbles but it comes hardwired with 1m of the excellent qed rgb scart (40-60 quid otherwise) and 2m of vga cable (at least another 10). If you don't have a good rgb scart yet and 3m is long enough for you Q-sync is a cheaper than JS-tech. I don't know how they compare but they are both active sync extractors and mine makes a whole world of difference compared with the panny scart board (actually my scart board paid for the q-sync).


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I've tried Qsync, Keene Syncblaster and JS RGB/VGA. Keene box made the picture slightly worse than scart, Syncblaster improved it slightly but softened the picture, JS box was a major improvement particularly with the colour. Have compared scart since and it looks completely washed out compared to the JS box.
Just my opinion/observations.


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Quick question about the js rgb/vga box,are the red green blues colours to strong or evenly balanced cause my m8 purchased a keene rgb to vga cable and said the reds/blues/greens were to intense and didnt blend with the rest of the picture.
any info on this would be most helpful,thx.

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add my 2p

The Sims RGB>VGA is simply the best way of showing a picture on a plasma screen.....
I have tried and used all connections possible on my version 4 Panny.. and the converter is without doubt the winner

the order of picture quality merit goes as follows

1. VGA
2. component progressive scan
3. component
4. RGB
5. S/vid
6. composite

others may disagree, but on my Panny the VGA connection is the winner


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Version 2 of the RGB to Plasma VGA unit is a development of the Version 1. I wanted to improve the PCB design and add gold connectors to the front of it. The technology is essentially the same - it was right from the start of Plasma VGA technology.

Anything less, and you'd have to compare with prototypes of the unit - nothing has come close to the technology in the current design. Prototypes didn't have the on-board computer, and the very earliest didn't have true H-Sync. I feel that these two aspects are vital, hence the Plasma VGA unit has always had these.

As for cables, we all like to try different ones. While I do sell excellent VGA leads, I actually use one from Bettercables because it quite simply gives an outstanding picture.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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