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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by philipb, Jul 2, 2002.

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    Just been reading a thread below about lack of differentiation between a picture fed via RGB scart and composite scart.

    I've been playing with the inputs on my 9607 and have something similar to report, but this time high quality on both. At the moment I feed Ext 1 RGB from a Sony 9000ES DVD - picture superb. Sky is fed into Ext 2 and subject to variations in the digital output from Sky the picture is also superb. Pixel plus really works.

    I use my Panasonic E20 DVD recorder to record DVD-R discs for play back on the Sony, and to record and watch RAM discs. Consequently the E20 is hooked up to the s-video input on the TV (no RGB scarts left) but I decided to try out the quality of the picture on the Ext 3 input which is composite. I hooked up a scart to the AV1 socket on the E20 and set it to video - good picture. When I set AV1 to s-video only a black and white picture, not surprising given the Ext 3 only takes composite. Then just for the hell of it I set AV1 out to RGB, expecting to get no picture at all. In fact I get a full colour picture and its superb. I ran a DVD (Shrek) on the E20 and watched it on the composite input and it is very nearly as good as the RGB input from the Sony.

    Question - should I get a picture from an RGB source into a composite input? And why is it so good? Pixel plus seems to smarten up any source material.

    Could other 9607/9617 owners say if they use the composite only inputs and how good are the results? I have to say that I was initially a bit ****ed off with Philips that while 2 scarts are RGB, neither of the other 2 are s-video switchable. but with composite as good as this who needs it?

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