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Just about to take the plunge with one of Dr John's boxes, but am not sure whether to go for the VGA or component converter.

I see a posting by Dr John says that Component is 98% that of the VGA but has the advantage of retaining the just capability. Likewise, the VGA frees up my Component slots.

So questions is:
1. Given the loss of just, how much of my viewing is going to limited to 4:3 (from my Sky Digibox)
2. On Dr John's box are there three or four component outs? If four, given that I only have the three inputs where does the fourth in go? (I know I've asked this before, but didn't under stand the answer, stoopid)
3. How much will my picture quality improve, given that I'm moving from a Scart to Composite conversion.
4. If I go the VGA route, I'll need a four metre (approx) cable. Am I going to experience any signal degradation with this length and, while I'm at it, can you buy them this long?
5. Lastly, is Dr John's site down at the moment, I can;t get to it.




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I have the RGB to Component box. RGB scart in, and 3 x Component + stereo out.

I went for it over the VGA solution because I want to be able to use Component video switching from my amplifier. I have run a 6 metre component cable from my equipment to the plasma on the wall. Obviously can't tell you which is better, but it does mean that all my sources use the same input (ie component) and I only had to buy 1 long cable.


Jon Weaver

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I am glad that someone else has the same dilema as me.

My Plasma will be here on Wednesday (but no stand), so I will have to order a JS converter soon.

I really want 'JUST', but I don't want to loose the 'component' capability of the Plasma, but then again, I might never get a Progressive player so may never need it.

My amp doesn't switch component, so I can't go down that route..

The logical answer is go for VGA and get a progressive player, but, then it means then we won't have 'JUST' and might not ever get a new DVD.

I think that the best way is to get a 'component' converter whcih will get the best out of your system now.

Then if you ever do get a component device, you coud either:

1. Sell the component converter and buy a VGA version
2. Get a new AMP which does component switching
3. Put in a 3way phono switch.

At first I discounted the idea of getting a manual switch.. But at the end of the day, its down to how important 'just' is.. Would you rather have no 'just' mode, or a switch?


jon when if you do get a progressive dvd in the future you could always go for one with vga output there are a few

Jon Weaver

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Thats exactly what I am doing now.

I have a Pioneer 545 DVD player, which I choose specifically for its twin RGB loop-thru capability.

I then have my Sky+ box on one of the SCARTs and therefore just use one RGB input.

If I was going to stick with the RGB solution, I would choose a RGB-Component concerter..

However, its clear that if you are going for a Plasma, it would make sense to invest in a Progressive Scan DVD player too.

Saying that, I have heard that the difference between an Interlaced and Progressive signal on the Panasonic is 'subtle' so I might not bother until my DVD player 'needs' changing.

Fortuantly, my colleague is going to bring round his Toshiba 510E so that we can do some tests.

In light of the recent changed with PAL, its very likely that some affordable PAL Progressive compatable players will be out soon, and I really expect that I will get one.

So, whilst i only have need for 1 RGB input now, soon I expect that I will then have an RGB and Componet soruce that I need to connect.

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