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I currently have my DVD connected direct to my VGA input (with a RGB to VGA cable) on my panny PW6 and my freeview box RGB connected to a scart terminal board.

However, I'm considering getting a JS Tech RGB to VGA and sending the DVD signal via this route but wonder whether I'll notice any appreciative difference in pic quality.

any opinions ?:)


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I am confused, why use the RGB2VGA box when you are already connecting the player to the VGA input???

I assume you are connecting the DVD player via a YUV=>VGA cable e.g. 3xRCA => 1DB15 and have the Panny configured for component???

If so, I guess your question is what is the best colourspace on the Panny VGA input, component or RGB??? Very little in it I would imagine.

Adding the RGB2VGA when you already have a direct connection seems a bit of a waste, and is designed more for people who don't have scart input's on their plasmas...would agree with simon on the freeview side of things but you will then have no input for the DVD player unless you chain through the freeview box???



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I was wondering this! The guy at AV-Sales said I could connect my DVD Player via RCA component to VGA in on the Panny. He said it would mean I wouldn't have to buy the RCA Component card for it. Is that right? Can I run progressive using this method? Will there be any quality difference compared to the dedicated RCA Component card?


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Yep, you can connect this way if you have the right cable as the VGA input on the Panny allows you to use component or RGBHV. This negates the need for a dedicated component input unless you want a second one...

No difference in quality...

This is how I used to connect my DVD player before my scaler.



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I take it I can't use the pass through on my DVD player to connect up devices can I? i.e. I currently have my xbox going into my DVD player where I have a QED scart going to the TV. Could I use the pass through method?

I guess I could hook the Xbox upto the Plasma using the componet caples then get Xbox games in progressive :)


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For the first part yes.

For Xbox progressive, no you cannot access the prog output from a UK Xbox unless you get it chipped and run a utiltity to swap from PAL to NTSC...you can connect via component usign the high def kit though but you only get standard resolution interlaced, not progressive...

Check out the gaming forum for more info


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Hello all

Lots of potential for mixing and matching and lots of potential for getting it wrong I guess.

Panasonic 6 Series display:
HD15 VGA input accepts RGBHV at Video and Data resolutions and YUV at Video resolutions - Progressive or Interlaced.

SCART input socket:
Way too soft for many folks and where possible I tend to avoid it - though others disagree and feel the advantages of auto aspect switching and the like make it viable.

RGB SCART sources:
Most of these devices have two SCART sockets so you can have 1 x RGB Input + 1 x RGB Output - this then enables you to 'daisy chain' multiple SCART RGB sources; putting one source into standby enables you to view the next source up the 'chain' through the interconnected SCART cables.

You'll require an RGB to VGA (RGBHV) or RGB to YUV converter on the end of the daisy chain to enable you to interface the RGB signal with your Plasma or possibly even your AV Receiver.

You'll also need to plan out how you switch the audio - if its all stereo you can go through the daisy chain; if its 5:1 you'll need to go directly from each source to your AV Receiver.

RGB Switches:
Another option is to put a multiple input switcher between your sources and the RGB converter - some prefer this as you don't have to mess about putting kit into and out of standby.

RGB and YUV:
Unless your plan to spend a few quid (£500 to £1000) on an external Deinterlacer/Scaler that accepts a mixture of video signals types (RGB, YUV, S-Video and Composite) you'll need to stick to one or other of RGB or YUV; you cant have both in a daisy chain or via a switcher and get easy operation.

AV Receiver or External Switch:
Where you do have RGB and YUV signals you could convert the RGB signals to YUV and then plug multiple YUV signals into a suitably equipped AV Receiver or Switch and then have a single YUV output to the Plasma - this is most applicable if you have any sources that offer Progressive YUV along with sources that offer Interlaced RGB.

RGB vs. YUV:
Not much in in really though YUV sources can have the advantage of offering Progressive output - though your Plasma has a pretty decent progressive Deinterlacer on-board already.

Picture in Picture:
Keep in mind you loose this feature on your Plasma if you put everything through one input - not an issue for most but some like this feature.

Trust this helps.



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Dumb question Alert!

As a plasma newbie who has the chance to buy a mates mint low use TH42PWD4 for a very good price, does the RGB to VGA convertor allow me to use the speakers on the panny or do I have to use the separate audio outputs from my skybox to my hifi amp all the time?



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Yes, you can use the Panasonic speakers. You'll need a Phono to 3.5mm jack for the VGA input (I have them in stock). However, the amplification on the Panasonic is a bit basic. Although I've got speakers wired to the output of my screen, I never ever use the on board amplification. Instead, a seperate A/V amplifier gives me much better results.

RGB to Plasma VGA - those customers who have tried with in comparison with SCART inputs have been amazed at the inprovement in picture quality. The only problem is that the PA20 screens have the VGA on the front, so doesn't allow for neat cabling. Component input is still better on the PA20 screens.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.


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Thanks John.

I am sure the sound quality through the plasma speakers will be fine for watching the news or eastenders! When I want to watch a movie, i'll run the sound through to the Hifi.

BTW, just to lay to rest any nagging doubts I may have about buying this screen, does £1250 sound like a good price to you guys for a low use TH42PWD4?



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I had a series 4 before i got a 434hde & i must admit that upto now i got better results from the panny, the price is very good.

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