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Don't think you can convert it with a straight lead, it'll need electronics to do the 'conversion.'

Have a look here...


They do exactly what you require.


You need a SCART out from the Digibox which converts to three phono video leads into component input video sockets, together with two other phonos leads which provide stereo sound.

But and it's a big but, it's basically still an RGB feed at the point of entering the component sockets and you really need a component out feed from your DVD or whatever to get a succesful outcome.

Pure RGB fed to a TV is just about the best you'll get and it's doubtful if you'll see a huge difference in component...

Compoment is basically better suited for DVD and professonal equipment, rather than domestic broadcast sources.


Yes the sony PJ has two sets of component inputs i use one from my dvd via a denon amp that also has component inputs then on into the PJ
The denon can change S video & compossitive to component video
as you know a sky box at least mine has no S video output only compossitive & RGB
There is a scart lead that can convert i think RGB to S video I was hopeing that a simular lead to convert the RGB to conponent
As the Denon can upconvert video to component would there be much inprovement if i got either the scart to component or if possible the RGB box or whatever
at the moment i use the compositive output from the sky box into the denon amp which converts the video into component
I must say the pictures on the PJ are quite good but maybe just maybe I could better this
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Kevo has the right idea.

There isn't a cable that can do the conversion for you.
The RGB signal needs adding and subtracting from it self in various ways to be made in to a Y CrCb component signal*.

As well as the link Kevo provides, www.lektropacks.co.uk also sell a convertor.

* - YUV & RGB Math - if I find a clearer site I'll post it :blush:

Chris Muriel

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Correct , it's known as "Colour space conversion".
The formulae vary depending on whether PAL or NTSC etc.
I have a spreadsheet for this and have sucessfully done the conversion (in a lab) using decent video-speed op-amps & resistors.

Chris Muriel.

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