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RGB to component conversion (NTL box)


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I have an NTL box currently outputting RGB into my widescreen TV. Picture is excellent most of the time.

I send DVD (prog scan), Xbox (S-video) and VCR (Composite) through a Denon 2805 AVR - it outputs interlaced component, or prog scan passed through form the DVD player and is v handy being used as a video switch. All fine so far.

I also want to pass the NTL video into the Denon.

Firstly, if I buy an RGB->component converter (Keene/JS etc.), will this unit output simply 'composite over component cables' or will the picture quality be similar to what I see via RGB Scart into the TV?

At the moment the Denon takes the composite NTL signal and outputs a component one to the pj. Am I already getting the best picture possible in using the Denon to convert the composite NTL signal?

I've done searches on the forums but can't find an answer, hence the thread. There are lots of answers saying 'yes use RGB and a converter', but I don't want to waste £80 on an RGB convertor if it's not going to improve the picture quality!

If anyone has a similar set-up or knows the answer re. the RGB converter, that would really help.



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The convertor will not improve the signal but will simply convert it from RGB 'scart' to component. Some displays however are better at handling component than scart and therefore though there is no signal quality improvement the display will look better anyway - though there are probably displays that handle scart better and so it may worsen the image.

I likewise have NTL (though the picture quality through my box is poor most of the time) a AVR2805 (though a pd30 CRT rather than projector) and have been considering a RGB convertor for the convenience factor and if it improves the picture quality then it would be a bonus - the pd30 is known to favour component sources


NTL RGB->Component->Amp->TV

should give you very simular results to


which you already use. It should certainly be better then

NTL Composite->Amp->TV

If you notice the differance between the last two currently then it maybe worth the convence of adding the Component converter.

However note that you will loose auto WideScreen switching between the NTL box and TV and may get some croping of the image during the conversion.

Because my TV only has one RGB scart and no Component I've been forced to do the following, which is far from ideal.

NTL RGB->Component->Amp->RGB->TV

So convert twice but can switch everything else via the Amp into the TVs' RGB and also feed everything via Component to my PJ.

It's a shame that more Amps don't support RGB+WS Switch routing but as it's only us euros that have that I've not spotted many that do. :(


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Thanks, I do notice the difference between RGB and composite, so it might well be worth going for the converter - I guess it comes down to what exactly it converts the RGB to! More reading on the web needed.....!

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