RGB to componant convertors


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Hope i've posted this in the right section.

I have a Panasonic 42pdw6 with a componant board.
I also have a Denon 3803 with two componant ins and a componant out.

The problem is that my Sky box has RGB out. I am running it normal composite video at the moment and the picture is terrible!

I have found a RGB to componant convertor at Lektropacks for £75
Are these any good?
Will it improve my picture alot?
Is this the only option?

Cheer for any help.


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Hi mate

I haven`t tried the Lektropacks converter as the recommended one that most people on here use is the JS Technology one.

You should get a big improvement over the composite signal you are currently using !


P.S Good choice of Plasma ;)

PP.S I have a JS converter for sale if your interested ? :)


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Cheers mate

Yes I would be very interested in this converter.

How much do you want for it?


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tee2 i would be looking for £100 for it ?

LMK if you`re interested.

JIT yes you would need a converter, The leads you show would only work if your digi box output component through the scart and the only one i know that does that is the Netgem unit ?


Edit Those leads still wouldn`t work as they are the wrong way round (component to scart) you would need scart to component !!


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i have a brand new lektropacks rgbtcomponent converter for sale.
As i bought one too many.


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Thanks, i think i'll just keep my box connected directly via RGB scart - cheaper than having to buy a converter.

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