RGB through second scart on Sky box? - Blue?


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Hello. I'm trying to connect devices to the second scart of my Grundig Sky Digibox. From what I can tell, the second scart of the box does indeed support RGB, however, anytime I send an RGB signal through it, the picture turns Blue (people are blue, colours generally mixed up). When sending a standard signal (CVBS?) to the second digibox scart socket, the picture is just fine, although obviously reduced in quality.

Is there anyway I can get this Digibox to accept/output the RGB signal without a blue tint? It looks very much like the type of effect you'd get when trying to connect a DVD player through a VCR etc, the way it messes with the picture so you can't copy it.

My scart switching box is already full, and it would really help if I could daisy chain a few devices off this box (RGB signal, of course).


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The VCR scart on a Sky box will only output composite video. It will, however, pass through an RGB signal input from another source.

Have you tried a different scart lead. Perhaps your lead is not fully wired or is faulty.


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Tried several scart leads and several devices. They all have the same results. Looking at the picture, it's clear that the picture is actually RGB, and doesn't have any fuzzy edges on text etc, however, all the colours are completely random/wrong. This is the problem.


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I was sure I heard of this problem with certain Panasonic models but a quick search on DS found this thread about a Grundig. Little help but at least you know it's a real issue.


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Thank you for your assistance. However, it seems this thread focuses merely on the Digibox's signal output. Ie, people have trouble when setting their box to output RGB (compatability problems with the TV). This is not the case with mine. My box is set to output RGB, and it works fine when viewing the Sky broadcast channels.

It's only the second scart that has the problen involving RGB. Any device connected to it that outputs an RGB signal will result in all the colours being completely wrong. Blue becomes orange, there's a lot of white, and flesh tone is blue. Having the device connected to scart 2 of the digibox output a composite signal results in the expected, normal picture, with accurate colours, but the usual hazy edges on text etc.


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Does the RGB passthorugh clear up if the digibox is in standby?

Most of the Grundig faults (from what I have read) are PSU related and it may be that the video stage of the digibox can not cope with the RGB input and the signal becomes distorted as it is passed through.

Sounds plausible, certainly worth borrowing a friends digibox just to confirm it is a STB issue.


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Thanks for your reply, the video isn't changed in anyway whether the Digibox is on or in stand-by.

None of my friends or family have the same Digibox as me.


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Well anyone digibox would provide you with the answer.
If another one gave you a clean passthorugh then at least you would know it was a problem with your Grundig and not with the DVD or TV which I guess you are pretty sure are fine anyway.

This issue is certainly not by design as all digiboxes should be able to pass through RGB via the VCR scart so it's just a question of what part of the Grundig is faulty.
If there are no signs of damage to the pins and the scart cable is intact then as already mentioned the Grundigs are known for PSU issues which can affect every level of their operation.

Satcure have a page about Grundig boxes and their faults plus they sell PSU kits and other bits.

Alas it may be that the cure is to buy another digibox.


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My father in law has got exactly the same problem. It is a Grundig Sky box, don't know what model. I am not a Sky fan so don't know much about it, but the settings all look correct.

He has just got a new TV that was setup by his local retailer. I don't know how it was rigged up before, but RGB output from the DVD portion of the DVD/VCR combo is useless. Until I find a more permanent resolution, I have set his DVD out to be composite. This works fine but is of lesser quality - not a great issue for him. I suspect with his new TV he will upgrade to Sky HD service if this is compatible with his communal satellite system so it may not be a long term issue.

DVD/VCR -> TV in RGB is fine
Sky -> TV in RGB is fine
Sky is in RGB mode
3 SCART cables tried all behave the same

It definately looks to be a problem with the Gundig Sky box when passing through RGB from Scart 2 to Scart 1. When using RGB passthrough from DVD/VCR combo->Sky->TV it appears that red and blue are reversed so faces take on a blue tint.

I don't know if the Samsung DVD/VCR combo does RGB passthrough. If it did, would the recommended way be to connect Sky->DVD/VCR->TV? This would mean that we loose the ability to connect DVD/VCR direct to the TV for direct recording from the TV's built in Freeview tuner so I think that sticking with composite is best.


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I know I'm replying to a ten month old post but I came across this problem last week.

Grunding GDS3000 Sky Box with a DVD player connected to the VCR socket *definitely* has blue and red transposed.

I fixed the problem by swapping the blue and red pins in one end of the DVD player SCART cable.



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