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My current DVD/Video/Freeview setup is capable of RGB (or less) and I am having trouble finding my first amplifier within my budget (a mere £200) that caters for RGB (SCART) video switching.

Most amps seem not to cater for RGB I/O and other posts on AV Forums indicate that RGB can be switched using these component video input/output connections. Is this strictly true and are there any exceptions or pitfalls to be aware of?

My current choice of amplifier is the Pioneer VSX C301 which does have RGB via SCART sockets (with Tannoy FX5.1 speakers) but is this just convenience. I am assuming that I can get SCART to phono leads to hook everything up with.

Thanks in anticipation.
Routing of video signals through any but the best AV amps invariably leads to degradation of the signal and is best not done unless necessary.

Amps with Scart sockets on them are rare as most are designed with the huge American market in mind where they don't use RGB or scart.
Hello Miles

The Pioneer VSX-C301 (and 501) is one of the few AV Receivers that incorporates multiple RGB (via SCART ) inputs - most kit incorporates Composite, S-Video and YUV Component switching.

Some Receivers (mostly the top end units) will allow you use a combination of the YUV + Composite switching to give you RGB switching.

I think for £200.00 you'll be hard pushed to outperform the VSX-C310; and as it has SCART inputs you will require either fully wired or RGB only SCART cables; not SCART to Phono.

You should also note that your three RGB sources will most likely have in and out SCART sockets and can be daisy chained and then using the standby function on each you can 'view' whichever signal you want - this way you dont require to 'switch' the video signals on an amp.

Your other option is an external RGB switch - such as the Quintro (£100) or Zektor (£250) - though these are going to kill your budget.

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