RGB SCART types accepted by AE 500


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What type of RGB scart is accepted by the PTAE500? I know there's supposed to be a few variants like RGsB, RGBs etc.

The reason is that at some point I may get one of these projectors. The plan is to stick it in an upstairs extension when it's been built.

I have NTL digital in living room. I have been looking at having Cat5 cables put into the different rooms for data all going back to a patch panel in the extension room. I then found out about keene's cat5blaster (http://www.keene.co.uk/cgi-bin/bigcodesearch.pl?C5B)

I plan to get a good quality scart distributer/splitter (any recommendations? Keene only has a 5 output [http://www.keene.co.uk/cgi-bin/bigcodesearch.pl?SDA], lektropacks has 2 output one [http://www.lektropacks.co.uk/product/technical.asp?dept_id=108&sku=378], which is better for two output purposes?). Then to send one rgb output to tv in living room and other output (including stereo) to upstairs room via cat 5 cable. The guy I spoke to at Keene tech support said that NTL box probably outputs RGsB and so I'd have to convert to this, but I don't remember if I made it clear that I was looking at ae500 and that it has scart.

Any advice would be greatly be appreciated.

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