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RGB Scart-to-component confusion

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by MrSafety, Aug 16, 2005.

  1. MrSafety


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    Boy, am I confused. Acronynms, differences of opinion, the works. I don't know where to turn so, as usual, my first port of call is the brainiest resources on this forum. I hope someone can help clear my head for me. Here goes...

    I have a Sony DAV-SC5 DVD player which only outputs via composite video or a scart socket. I have a Sony HS10 projector which takes all inputs from composite, s-video, and what it calls RGB/Component. This latter is expanded upon in the manual to be RGsB and/or Y/Cb/Cr. First problem hit: is this YUV or not, some people say they're the same, others disagree.

    Anyway, I have been using s-video from my old DVD player and the image was fine. Moving to the Sony composite is a real visible backwards step so I am keen to find an alternative. The DAV-SC5 manual says it can be switched to deliver RGB through the Scart socket, and I have a component input cable for my projector so if I can find a way of converting the RGB scart signal to the component signal then I figure I'm in. However,...

    Some things I read say synching requires active circuitry and so I need an expensive (> £100) solution; other sources remain silent on this issue; yet others say that even when this issue is addressed the widescreen switching information somehow gets lost. All the time I can see adaptors for £50-75 which claim to switch from RGB scart to component (or YUV!!!!! which I don't think I have) and then again I'm burying myself deeper and deeper in a language and world I don't understand.


    Put simply: I have a Sony scart socket which claims to be able to output RGB. I have a Sony projector with a 3-headed cable with red, green and blue connectors waiting to fit snugly into "something". Is there a "something" which I can plug into my scart socket and plug my component cable into which will send a super signal to my projector, which costs less than a hundred quid and which will work without having synching issues or causing 16:9/4:3 context switching problems?

    There I've said it all... how can you spend 24 hours lurking, reading and grappling with a problem and end up understanding less than when you started?

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