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I've never thought too much about RGB cables or anything, so please excuse my newb-ery :rotfl: Apparently they are better than SCARTS so I was wondering whether it would be worth upgrading the cables on my PS2 and Wii consoles. I currently use the scarts that came straight out of the box and I believe these are inferior.

I've looked in my TV manual and it appears to support RGB (do all scart sockets do RGB? I don't know). It's a cheap 21" CRT so no flashy HD component cables or anything like that.

Currently they are connected through a scart selector switch, which I presume is non-RGB because it was a cheap one from Argos. Is there any way to tell? So I presume I would need a new switch.

The switch is connected to a Sagem freeview box (since the box doesn't seem to work through the switch - no picture but there is sound), which I also don't know whether it's RGB or not. This then outputs to the TV via scart so I just turn it off to use the consoles. Now, it seems pretty obvious to me that new RGB cables on the consoles would be a waste of money if the freeview box is a normal scart. Is there a way I can find out or test this first?

Chris Muriel

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The manuals for both TV and Freeview box should tell you which formats are supported.
Most modern TVs with a SCART socket support RGB (although there is no legal requirement).
Many TVs, if you switch to A/V via SCART input , briefly flash an info message on the screen that indicates the format , e.g. "AV RGB" ; try cycling through the "input source-select" button on the TV's remote to see if such an indication appears.

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My TV manual isn't very clear but I think it supports RGB. There are 'AV' and 'AV-S' channels when I press the AV button twice. What does AV-S mean? The colours go all screwed up on AV-S when I flick to it.

I don't have a manual for my freeview box, but after a quick google I think it is RGB. Maybe it's just using a normal scart cable and that's screwing up the AV-S picture? I got it second hand so I don't know. How could I check?

Chris Muriel

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I am guessing but AV-S probably refers to yet another format , S-Video, with a Y or lminance channel and and a C or Chroma (colour information) channel.

A standard SCART cable with all 21 pins connected should work via RGB, as do most switch boxes.
You can eliminate the switch box temporarily (for tests) by removing it and plugging the STB directly into the TV SCART socket.
Please post the make and model of both the Sagem STB and the TV - someone in these forums may have one and be able to confirm one way or the other.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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TV: Ferguson M55171RH

The STB already is plugged directly into the TV, with the switch in the STB's aux SCART socket.

Is it worth picking up RGB cables? Will I notice a difference?

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