RGB Scart double adapter ???

Sessen Ryu

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I have three scart inputs on the rear of my TV, and only one of these is RGB. Both my DVD player and XBox use RGB.....

....the last thing I want to be doing is swapping over scarts in the back of the TV on a reguarlar basis...

A local hi-fi shop has advised me that I'll lose picture quality from using the normal scart extention blocks you see around... so, does anyone know of a RGB specific scart double adapter?

Or maybe another way around this problem ?

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Argos (& others) sell RGB switches, 2 inputs to 1 output.
I forget the make & can't check as I'm currently in a hotel in Boston, Massa2****ts.
A search in here should find previous threads with recommended ones.

Chris Muriel, Woburn, Mass. (usually Manchester UK)

Sessen Ryu

Active Member
I'm running a £70 RGB only SQART lead from a Denon 2800 DVD player.... - i'm a little aprehensive about losing picture quality by sticking a £4:95 scart splitter from argos in the way.

Anyone know of a good RGB scart splitter on the market which won't have a diverse effect on the signal??

Or will the offering from Argos do the job????



Active Member
im using a £10 pound btech one i bought from fairs cameras at the minute an i have to say i have noticed no difference at all.keep in mind i am using it for a ps2 an a gamecube though as my tv has 2 rgb`s(you never can have to many lol) anyway id say give it a whirl.make sure its fully wired for rgb though an the cable does not come connected to the spliter box that way you can connect any price scart you want.if you would like to spend more i believe there is a 80 quid one from www.keene.co.uk happy hunting ;)

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