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I have just bought a panasonic 28PS1 tv but I am having problems with the aspect ratios when watching sky digital. I like to watch non-widescreen programmes using the 14:9 option. However when I watch sky the tv wont let me select this option and switches to either 4:3 (too small) or 16:9 (too fat). The only way to get the 14:9 ratio when watching sky is to turn the scart control off, this results in a reduction in pq (from rgb to pal) which kinda defeats the object of an rgb feed.

Is there any way around this?

There are also some geometry problems and I am considering swapping this set for a sony kv28ls36. Would I still get the 14:9 problem with this tv or is it a panasonic "quirk"?

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What sort of quirky geometry problems are you having? I have a Panasonic TX28DT4 (the iDVT version of the PS1) which is fine for everything other than DVDs. I've been experiencing some really awful geometry problems on the RHS of the picture(most noticable when using RGB)... see thread: "Panasonic DT4 problems" just posted!


Hi guys,

Thanks for the replys.

Dave, the geometry probs are:-

1. The sides of the screen in 4:3 mode are not straight but get wider (1cm+) as you move towards the top.

2. The menus on sky, particularly the info grid are badly distorted, and seems dependant on the actual picture on the screen behind it.

3. The 16:9 image appears to have areas that are not in proportion. I noticed this watching the snooker, the balls are not always round, particularly in the centre on the screen.

Other than that the pictures great, particularly with dvds.

It seems that this tv is a bit of a gamble, reading all the problems on here, but when you get a good one its great value for the money.

Concerning the changing ratios when using RGB input, I had one the guys in currys do a bit of demoing with varios TVs (he wont ask me if I need any help again!) and it seems that only some panasonics are prone to this.

Anyway enough rambling,

Cheers, Jason


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Interesting.... the 4:3 image on my TV has really nasy bendy edges all the way down. I've also noticed that when there's a large bright patch on the screen (white bacground caption or similar) the edges of the picture bulge outwards.

I have also noticed some general stretching/compression of images depending on where they are on the screen but having never owned a widescreeen TV before, I put this down to the format.

I'm not really impressed with the whole thing.... my dads 10year old Sony has a better picture!!!

Cheers for the info though Jason. Hope you can get it sorted...Comet are determined to make me keep mine :(

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