RGB Scart cables????


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my Samsung SP50L3HX should be arriving anyday:)

thought i should prepare and get some cables ready to take full advantage of the TV.
From what i can gather, the best way to conect my current dvd player up to the tv is through component video leads. thats ok, i can go and buy some good quality 1s

however am i right in thinking the best was to connect my sky digibox it through RGB scart??? this is where i am confused.. is an RGB scart cable differnet to a normal scart cable???? or do u just use a scart cable and set up the TV and digibox as RGB output???? im confused, can any1 help thx.

oh, and does any1 recommend a good make of cables, i have been looking at monster cables, they seem very good to me.


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RGB only scart cables are not fully wired - they only have the wires necessary to carry the signals for an RGB picture, i.e. no audio signal is carried, so you would need a separate audio cable. The benefit of an RGB cable is that interference should be minimised, due to the fact that no wires carrying other signals are present in the cable. Personally, I would have thought that a well-manufactured fully-wired cable, which was properly screened, would be good enough, however others may (will) disagree.

Regarding brands, I use Belkin PureAV cables, which are relatively cheap but well made. Monster are only available via a few large retail outfits in the UK - Comet, Currys - who charge ridiculous prices for them, e.g. Monster's RRP for their scart splitter is £20, Comet sell it for £30! I would search through this forum and go for one of the cheaper cables recommended.

Signals from satellite, cable and Freeview digiboxes aren't the best due to the amounts of compression used in the broadcast of the signals - more channels equates to lower quality. If a super-expensive, high-quality cable is able to carry a signal better than a more reasonably priced cable, it is only going to show up the imperfections which are a result of the compression process - blocky artefacts, etc.

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