RGB->S-video converter: Which one?

richard plumb

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I'm looking for recommendations for an RGB SCART-> S-video converter, to take the output of my TiVo into an AE100 (actually via a ProV, but AE100 is more on topic :)

There are two that I am aware of - Keene's and rgbtosvideo.com's

Weren't there some issues with image shift on one of them?

Also, do either pass the RGB widescreen signal through S-video? The AE100 manual says it supports 'S2' which can carry widescreen information and that would be really useful for DTT.


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The new JS tech one might pass widescreen flagging and might have better picture quality than the previous one.


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I have one from lektropacks, it was £50 with no problems.


Didn't the Keene one have some sort of screw to adjust something?

I saw it on here. Try searching.

Phil White

I paid £50 for the Keene RGB - S converter to run Sky and My Panny 360 DVD into a Tosh MT3. Very pleased with the results!
Even Sky Movies are watchable at 90" wide! There is an internal adjustment (preset) just to settle everything down - the box also alledgedly defeats the Sky Movies anti-piracy video recording signal - althouhg I've never tried to verify this!!

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