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Need some advice re the subject, I have a JVC wide screen which as far as I can see has an RGB input on the AV1 scart input and also accepts s-vhs on the scart.
As I really know nothing about this subject, am I right in saying that the Pana HS2 I am about to buy would, once connected and configured for an RGB output, will work satisfactorily, I am leaving my Mitsubishi VCR connected for now for dubbing to the HS2. The connections I have been informed will be DVD > Digi cable box > TV AV1. DVD output scart 2> VCR, > AV 2 on TV.
Why is RGB better if it works, The TV has nothing to change or adjust as far as RGB is concerned, so is it the output from the DVD that it automaticly recognises?
Sorry to ramble but am used to just composite scarts, have checked in the scart leads I have and all pins are connected.

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