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I have plugged my DVD player into the RGB scart socket 1 of my Widescreen philips 6006 TV. And set the toshiba DVD player to RGB output. But the picture is all a green colour, When I put the DVD player into the TVs svhs other scart socket, and set to s vhs on the DVD player output, that is in black and white, but works fine when I switch The DVD player to RGB while its in that svhs scart socket 2, ****ing confusing or what.Anyone else had this kind of problem. Also buying my TV from my Local Comet was like something out of a ****ing keystone cop silent movie but thats another story :rolleyes:

John Jennings

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Not sure about the green RGB problem. Try wiggling the scart connectors on the DVD and the TV, a bad connection can cause similar problems. Try giving them a good push.

The black & white SVHS (stricltly it's called S-video. S-VHS is a video tape format :blush: ) I think I have a solution for.

The PW6006 has two different AV channels for Scart2. They're displayed onscreen as AV2 and AV2SVHS (if i remember correctly). When you turn on the DVD player the TV will autoswitch to AV2, but you need to press the AV button on the remote control (bottom-right or bottom-left button I think) to change to AV2SVHS and you'll then get colour from an S-video (SVHS) signal.


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