RGB problems with Philips 32PW9615


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I have had a Philips 32PW9615 for 3 years now and I am very happy about it, never had any problem

I recently changed my DVD player, a Samsung DV709 to a pioneer 454.
When I play NTSC movies using the RGB settings on the DVD player, I am getting very bad horizontal black shadows, as in the contrast is all screwed up. This doesn't happen with PAL movies.
If I switch the DVD player to Video out, the problem disapears but I loose in quality.
I thought this was something to do with the DVD player until I connected an Xbox to it and got exactly the same problem. I got around it by switching the Xbox to NTSC, how bloddy weird when the problems with the DVD player happen on NTSC movies only. I tried doing the same to the player, forcing it to NTSC only reduces the shadows by about 40%.
I tried different settings on the TV, changing Natural Motion, Noise Reduction, Active control but this does not seem to make any difference.
I got a Philips specialist to come have a look, he noticed the problem, got back to Philips Holland on it but no news afer a month.
I am getting ready to enter into the service mode but am not too confident about it.

Any help or thoughts are very appreciated.

Thanks a million



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I have read on this forum many such problems to yours and it is always with Ntsc films not pal so you might like to put rgb in the search mode and check what others have done.

Of the previous ones I can remember alot where with the pioneer dvd players , so it could be you need to change your dvd player.

good luck evans


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Thanks a lot Evans,

I was on to Techtronics and they gave me some good info. Basically, the 454 outputs pure NTSC 60hz, you can get it to do a PAL conversion, called PAL modified = PAL 60hz.

I hooked up my Xbox to the TV, in PAL 60 the shadows appear but not in PAL 50.

Conclusion is there is a problem with 60hz, either PAL or NTSC.

Would anybody with a 32PW9615 and an Xbox, well I could be lucky, confirm the above?

Thanks a lot

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