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Can anyone help.
I have a problem when watching DVD's in RGB mode on my w/screen tv. In normal mode the pic's fine but switch to RGB and i get a line, about 1/4" , slightly bowed down the right hand side of the screen !?
I'v tried a friends DVD player on my tv and the same thing happens, fine until i switch to RGB, so it's not my DVD player. I've also changed the scart lead but that made no difference either. The only way getting rid of the line is to ,switch RGB off, or switch to panoramic mode on the tv.
Any ideas


does the tv have an rgb screen centrering mode. ie so you can move the picture left & right this is what i do wiyh my ps2 on a sony tv.

Squirrel God

Sounds like RGB shift. If you have a Sony TV, there's an RGB shift offset setting in the regular user menu. Other brands may have similar settings. If not, you're gonna have to enter the service menu (or get an engineer to).


Can anyone anawer this question for reguarding RGB

I Have a "engineer" coming tomorrow to see my 6 day old Panny TX36PB50 (purchased from Currys) the problem is that there is hardly any differance in picture quality between RGB and A/V through my digi box

On my last tv a 28" 4.3 JVC there was a big differance between RGB & A/V very noticable

I brought the portable from the bedroom and tried it (as I gave the JVC away) and there was a big differance with RGB on it compared to what I get on the Panny

Should I have a big differance in the picture on the Panny, RGB v A/V as I do not want a load of bull s**t from the "engineer" tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

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