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    having bought a toshiba sd220 today from richer sounds I got home and set it up for rgb playback this was fine for the first few region 2 discs that I tried however later on I tried a region 1 spiderman disc and there was a big border on the right hand side of my screen. When I checked the set up menu I noticed that the text on screen had become slightly fuzzy.the picture quality was pin sharp before So I put it back on video to compare the picture quality and when I put it back to rgb there was no diffeence in picture quality the text was still slightly fuzzy.
    However when I put spiderman on again its picture filled the whole screen. basically I'm forced to take back my player tommorow to get it exchanged. Is this an inherant problem with multiregion toshiba sd220's dvd players from richer sounds. I was thinking this because not many people would notice the slight though improved picture qualities between video and rgb.


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