rgb problem on sony set?


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I have a 3.5 yr old Sony KV28FX60 (?) set, which can't quite get Telewest on screen info quite as clear as it might be.

With RGB I'm getting a slight shadow on text - not much, in fact (for anyone else with TW) the most noticable shadow is that of the yellow box around programme names on the now/next banner.

If I switch it to composite, the shadow goes, but the text isn't quite as sharp, and the yellow box outline goes slightly fuzzy.

Neither is a huge deal, just a bit annoying. I was swapping cables around last night, and by accident (loose scart connection)the picture went a nice shade of green - hopeless in every way, except that the, albeit green, now/next banner was noticably clearer and sharper in both the above respects. So I know it should be that bit sharper.

Does this sound like an easy thing to fix? (incidentally this is with a decent QED scart, into the RGB scart on the tv, and the settings should be OK eg *Sharpness* turned right down (a misnamed setting if ever there was one!)

Any comments welcome....


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