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Jul 19, 2001
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Hi all, i'm about to invest (probably) in the panny E100. could someone tell me if it will pass signals through even when it is switched off. my set up will be stb>video recorder>E100>TV

i currently have an old standalone vcd recorder which doesnt have passthru when switched off and this has caused me all sorts of problems hence the worries.

thanks for any advice
The E100 will indeed pass through the RGB signal. Most people have the setup Sky/Freeview etc > DVD Recorder > TV.

However the video recorder you propose to put between Sky and the DVD recorder might not - you'd need to check the specification. With your proposed setup you'd also get hastle when you tried to play a video as you would need to alter the input/output of the E100 from RGB to Video (Composite) everytime you played the video. You can get around this using the STB VCR Out > VCR > AV3 on the E100 (or directly to AV2 on your TV).
Many thanks Rascak, my set up is rather complex and i didnt really want another scart splitter or switch in the system as i already have two switches and a splitter in place. i didnt know that the E100 had an AV3, as long as i can archive video footage to it and grab digital footage from the stb i'm a happy bunny. your advice is much appreciated. :smoke:

ps is the E100 ok as a dvd player ?
Sorry to labour this but how do i get the stb vcr output (ie non rgb) through the video to AV3 on the E100 and still retain my RGB passthru from the STB tv out (RGB) through the video to the RGB in on the E100 :eek: (my head hurts now) or have i missed the point.
Your primary setup will be:

STB RGB Out > AV2 on the E100 and then AV1 > TV RGB in

That will allow you to make recordings in RGB quality as well as use the features of the E100 (Live Pause etc) in your normal TV watching. You can add your video into the system by:

STB VCR out > Input on VCR and the Output > AV3 (rear panel) on the E100

This will allow you to record from your video onto your E100. AV3 is a video and 2 phono connections so you will need a Scart to Video and 2 audio lead cable - these can be picked up just about anywhere.

What most people do is just connect their VCR to AV2 on the DVD recorder and copy VHS tapes across in batches as opposed to having it connected all the time. You might find you want to do that when your properly set-up.
Davee b

Spare a thought for me!

I have the following setup...

Pan E100
NTL stb
Freeview stb
Pioneer 717 DVD Player

and an xbox to boot!

With the aid of a scart and s-video switch box I can...

Watch the above 5 x devices in RGB on one RGB socket on the TV and....

Pan E100
Record ntl in RGB
Record Freeview in S-Video
Record SVHS vcr in S-Video
Record DVD in S-Video

Record ntl in S-Video
Record Freeview in S-Video
Record DVD or DVD rec in S-Video


Recording to video tape is rare nowadays but still useful to have if recoding for other friends or family.

The reason I've kept the Pioneer is because it's still a better quality player than the Pan plus it's multi region.
Very similar to me Kevo, but i have two video recorders and a standalone vcd recorder that won't do passthru when off...:eek:

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