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Hi, I thought I'd post this here as I specifically wanted to hear from people with FMJ equipment. I just wondered if anyone who owns a plasma and a DV27 has done a comaprison using an RGB scart then a component to enable progressive scan? Everyone says that component is better but is it really noticeably better than a scart connection or just slightly better? Just curious as I'm still considering getting a plasma but I would prefer to have auto switching from widescreen etc. Could I just use a component connection for the DVD but have auto switching for all other devices? I wouldn't mind if I have to change the aspect ratio every time I watch a film.

Also I haven't really taken much notice but would I just need the usual RCA phono connections, 3 plugs at each end?


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Which plasma are you looking at and does it have/are you buying a tuner box ??

I used to run rgb scart then moved to component phono with the AV8 - not only for the improved picture quality but the audio+video switching function on the amp IMHO is more useful than auto widescreen switching ...

If you get a panny6 with one scart input cartridge for dvd then that will auto switch for you ... if you get another scart cartridge then that will auto switch with sky/freeview ... the only problem I would have/see is then balancing any lip-sync problems if you are using the AV8 for audio ...

I have my DV27, sky+, PS2 and Xbox all connected to the AV8 using component and then component out to my Panny 4 plasma ... and I find switching the aspect ratio on the plasma occasionally isn't an issue - infact when channel hopping its easier than with scart as not auto-switching saves time and psychologically saves the trigger electrics !!


ps - yes 3 phonos each end would be the way to go ...


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Agree with Jont, source switching is more convienient than auto switching for wide screen. Don't forget that the RCA's should be designed for video not audio. Look at ssomething like Blue Jeans, Supra, Bettercables etc



Hi, thanks. I think I can suffer changing the aspect ratio myself as hopefully eventually most programmes would be broadcast in widescreen anyway. I've decided to go for a cable from bluejeans as I also need to order some other cables, just hope I don't get charged my customs but then if I do it will probably still work out cheaper than buying from the UK.


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Take a look at Mark Grants component cables. They'r very good cables, and you won't get any import tax etc on them.

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