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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by dmg, May 13, 2003.

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    I am having some problems getting to the bottom of some RGB questions via searching the net so hopefully someone here will be able to sort me out.

    I know I need an RGB source (DVD or Games console), an RGB scart socket on my TV and and RGB lead connecting the two to get an RGB picture, however, I have been told that many older TVs do not have a true RGB socket and that all portable TV's (14-15inch) do not have them either.
    This being the case I tried out my Xbox connected to a portable TV and my old Sharp 21 inch TV and I both cases the TV switched automaticaly to the xbox which made me think that they were using the RGB source. Now the picture on the Sharp 21 inch wasnt to good, not any better than it was when using the compisite cable but on the portable (a 15inch Mitsubishi) it was much sharper but very dark and had a blue tinge. I tried this with another console and got the same results.

    So the question is are these TV's making full use of the RGB signal, and are all TV's with a scart capable of using a RGB signal fully, and is there a problem with the TV that produces a dark / blue picture from the RGB source?

    I know its a bit of a long question but if anyone has any ideas or any info on RGB capabilities of old / portable sets I'd appricate it.

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    Somewhere near the M4 most of the time......
    Not true some will some wont
    Not necassarily that just means that it is using pin 8/9 (cant remember which) the auto source switching pin.
    Maybe the TV colour settings try turning the blue down

    Sounds like the smaller TV is and the larger sharp isnt, most TV's will display an icon (like the channel number) when an RGB source is detected often it will show "RGB" or"..." on the screen for a few seconds the arrow into a box just means AV input
    Hope this helps try a search by model number for the user manual.

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