RGB LED strip lights (IDK what I'm doing)


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I want to make an RGB light for my aquarium so I bought this (3x 5m),

eBay RGB LED Strip lights

I'm not sure what I've ordered, but it appears that there are is a power lead with three ends and each of the three, 5m strip lights connects to one of the ends.

The aquarium is cylindrical, so I'm guessing I'll need to cut up the strips with scissors and stick them to a 65cm clear disc like this,


The disc will separate the non-waterproof strips from the aquarium water (touch wood).

Soldiering isn't an option, so I'll need push fit connectors of some kind. Do I need a load of these?

10 X PCB 5050 RGB 10mm 4Pin LED Strip lights Wire Connector Adapter Cable

Figured I'd ask as I'm probably setting myself up for a house fire 🙄


Sorry I can’t get my head around the cutting up bit?

also there is an option there for IP65? I wouldn’t immerse those (the 5 is the water ingress number) but it would be better for having near water.

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