RGB GC scart



Whats the best price you know for the GC RGB scart lead - seen one at simplygames.com for £8.99.


If it's the official ninty one, damn good price! Stick with the official one, it has the best picture.
You need to be very careful. When I bought mine June I think), the only ones that worked were the official Nintendo GameCube ones.

The 3rd party ones were actually just rebadged N64 leads and they did not work at all (well I think they still passed the composite picture, but it certainly wasn't RGB)

Things may have changed since then - but you need to check
I have the US version of the cube and I think I read something about it not having a RGB out. Which means that if I but the RGB cable it won't work with my version. Anyone know if that is true?
Yes its true, but Groundy (of this parish) designed a modded component one that will work, which several import shops now sell for about 40-45 quid. Check out goblindirect.co.uk

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