RGB Converted to S-Video vs VGA for Sky & Plasma


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Jul 2, 2002
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I am still deciding on the components that will build up my Home Cinema system and have become concerned over the various views over this particular subject:

I will be buying a Panasonic 42" Plasma Gen 4 or 5 I am no sure at the moment.

I have Sky Digital and (maybe) upgrade to Sky+.

I have a Denon 3802 AV Amp which I may use to perform the video switching. (I don't at the moment, but that is beside the question:blush: )

Which is the better solution (and by that I mean compromise between picture quality,ease of use & functionality) for getting my Sky signal to the plasma.

I believe my best 2 options are:

1) RGB - Svideo conversion via a JS-Tech Converter, I could then use Video switching via S-Video on my AV Amp or connect direct to the Panny Plasma. The benefits are lower costs and full use of the various zoom modes, I use JUST a lot on my current Panny 28" CRT.

2) RGB - VGA conversion, again via a JS-Tech converter. I would have to connect direct to the Plasma with this. I lose Video switching option via my AV Amp, lose the zoom modes on the Plasma, Higher costs (at least for the initial outlay on the convertor) but possibly a better picture?

I think the S-Video solution suits my situation best, but I would like to have your opinions or other suggestions if I am barking up the wrong tree...? :D


Well with the vga/rgb routes you get 4:3, 16:9 and zoom ... with the s-video you get 4:3, 16:9, zoom, 'just' and 'Panasonic auto' ... so I guess it depends on how much you would use the 'other' modes and what for ??

Personally I only find I watch anything in 16:9 or 4:3 as that is either broadcast/from dvd and only 2.35:1 dvds have a different pic ...

Generally IMHO the s-video is slightly softer than the RGB ... but will depend on what material you are watching whether YOU like it or not ...

You've hit the nail on the head with your own answer ... do you trade picture quality for 2 other aspect ratios ??

just my 2¢

Thanks for the info on what modes are available on the VGA & S-Video connections.....

My main concern I suppose, is that with my current Panasonic TV, I find that while watching broadcast TV, I usually have the JUST mode in use.

It's only when I use DVD that I think that 16:9 mode is right IMO.

Occasionally, I have changed mode to suit particular TV broadcasts, but overall, I stick with JUST, so that is why I am thinking of S-Video.....on the other hand, I don't want to compromise the PQ on a £3500 TV!

I am going to try and get a demo with Sky going through both VGA & S-Video and see what I think, although, I am not sure how many dealers can set this up for me! :D
So that'll be the BBC's infamous 14:9 stuff will it that you use the 'just' mode for ??

But doesn't the just mode stretch the picture slightly vertically and horizontally but just more so at the edges ?? thus introducing a distortion that must be worse than watching a 14:9 picture and having a 'slight' border around it ?

All personal taste but I prefer proportioned pictures than enlarged pixels/grain/etc ...
Aye...It certainly stretches the picture at the sides, but I find that the vertical plane is the one that I think is abnormal while watching a standard broadcast TV picture with the 16:9 mode. And I can't stand 4:3 mode, I might as well have got a 3" LCD telly! :D

The most noticible aspect of using JUST is horizontally scrolling text is distorted at either side and then normalises when passing through the centre of the picture, but other than that, I dont notice anything deformed. Well, most of the time anyway, like I say, sometimes I dont think it looks right and switch the view to something else.

I must admit that I havnt spotted a patern to which modes I like for which channells or tyope of broadcasts....it just seems a bit random to me :blush:

One thing that is in my mind though, I am judging the Plasma panel as needing the JUST mode purely on the basis that my Panny 28" CRT needs it...that might be one hell of an assumption on my behalf! :rolleyes:
Originally posted by Kirk
One thing that is in my mind though, I am judging the Plasma panel as needing the JUST mode purely on the basis that my Panny 28" CRT needs it...that might be one hell of an assumption on my behalf! :rolleyes:

If you want to keep the Just mode, but want better than S-Video, then consider RGB to Component conversion. RGB is excellent, and will give you a sharp and clear picture. Component is RGB's little brother. But the main advantage is that it gives you the ability to use other zoom modes.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
J.S. Technology.
Good point!

I think it's time to dig out the manual on my Denon amp and find out if it will do Video switching on Component inputs as I won't be able to connect the Sky direct to the Plasma as my DVD will already have taken it's rightfull residence there! :D

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