RGB connections to a Fujitsu Plasma




A few months ago I purchased a P50XHA Fujitsu Plasma display. I have to admit that even now, almost a year after I bought it, it still manages to take my breathe away every once in a while. It's a magnificent display.

I have two sources - a digital satellite box, which can output composite, S-Video and RGB (all through a SCART connector) and a DVD player with the same outputs. Right now I have both the satellite box and the DVD connected to my A/V reciever using an S-Video connection, the reciever is connected (again, using S-Video) to a tiny Zimwell scaler (don't remember the model exactly), and the Zimwell is connected to the plasma's component inputs.

The Zimwell doesn't have component output. Instead it has a single VGA (15 pin) output. I have a VGA to Component cable, and it works fine. When I connected it to the VGA input of the display, I lost the ability to use the Wide1 mode (this mode stretches 4:3 images to 16:9 without making everybody look fat. It's impossible to watch TV without it). For that reason, I use the component inputs.

The Zimwell usually outputs 576p. I can tell it to output 720p or 1080i, but in those cases I once again lose the Wide1 mode. So I keep those modes for DVD only.

Now I'm contemplating if things can be improved. First, is there a way to convince my display to use the Wide1 mode in 720p or 1080i? Or when its input comes from the VGA input? Second, is there a SCART to VGA converter, that will allow me to tell the satellite box or DVD to output RGB information (instead of S-Video) and be able to see it?


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