RGB Composite Video Projector


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Hi, I have a budget of £2000, looking for a reasonable quality projector. The one snitch is that it ideally has an RGB Composite Video port on the back (3 holes!) not one of the 9 pin composite video ones. Any other recommendations of projectors are welcome too but I have been reliably informed that RGB Composite Video to my amp is the way to do it.



Hi Rupert

You are refering to component cables and not composite, dont even think about conecting using composite as the result will be dire, also if you can you should ideally conect direct from your dvd player to your pj for optimum result, for what its worth I can recomend the Hitachi PJ-TX10 as a superb LCD PJ, available for less than a grand and shows superb blacks with very little screen door, hope this helps.


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Yeah looks good except it must have a minimum of 1800 ansi lumens (sorry forgot to mention that!). Yeah it is Compenent in I am talking about not composite. Also it must have a minimum of 800:1 ratio for the contrast and a minimum 2000 hour lamp life.
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