rgb, component, scart? confused!




I have recently got myself a RP lcd tv. The model is a sony kf42sx300. I have been having a look at the forums, and am quite confused and would like some help with a few things.

1. I have an ntl box connected to my tv via a scart lead, but am not sure that this is the best connection. Which would offer me the best quality, RGB or component? Are there different types of cabling for these, and if so which is the best?

2. What are good barnds of cables to buy?

I am new to this, so please explain in simple terms (my feeble mind cannot take much).



Scart is a connection type, but RGB & component are signal types. In theory scart can carry all signal types, even component but not in most cases.
Your NTL STB will output composite (low quality and best avoided) or RGBcvS via scart, I'm fairly sure it wont output S-Video. Therefore RGBcvS via scart is the best possible connection you can make to your RP LCD TV. Just make sure the STB is set to output RGB in the setup menu.


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