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RGB Cables for AV8 / AVR300

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by matthew_hallson, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. matthew_hallson


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    Hello everyone,

    As the owner of an AVR300 I had quite a job getting the cables specificed in the manual to connect the amp to the TV set. The cable is quite specialised in that:
    a) Audio is sent back from the TV to the amp (IE in the reverse direction of the video signal)
    b) In addition to the 6 RCAs for RGBS and L+R there is a 3.5 mini din plug to send signals for widescreen and RGB/composite switching

    The Arcam manual states that QED can supply the cable but all the dealers I spoke to were useless as the cable is not in the QED manual.

    In any case I got in touch with QED and was able to order it directly. For your future reference the QED part number format for this cable is:

    F-AV820-SVIDEO (for a 2 meter s-video version)
    F-AV850-RGB (for a 5 meter RGB version)

    Its a custom cable so you can have any length you want, just put in the appropriate number. The 2 meter version is about £105 and the 5 meter version £150.

    Hope this will save some time for someone in future!


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