I have just bought a Pioneer DV360 player and am linked up to a Panny 32DK1 tv. When I play NTSC disks via the RGB i get a slow rolling shadow moving down which occupies 4 inch top to bottom. There is also a bleed shadow that runs left to right on blacks. When i switch to s-video this goes away... There is no problem with PAL dvd's. I have tried a second scart with same results and i use that for my sky rgb and that rules out the tv scart socket and the scart i am using for the dvd.
Help, just got the pioneer from richer multi reg today and the wife is gonna chop me nads off if i cant sort it...
Is there a problem or deficiency with the SVideo signal?

Anyhow, I have read reports of incompatibility problems of this nature; you'd think that an RGB signal was kida standard, but it does seem that there are some differences.

I suggest that, unless you can honestly see a problem with SVideo - stick with that. I don't believe there is a cure for the problem you have other than a different DVD or TV.
S- Video is fine.

I tried an number of other disks last night and this does not appear on them all. Going to work in a confused state
A friend of mine had the very same problem with the same player the only solution he found was to take it back and get a 565a. Not the answer you were looking for i know but overall he was very dissapointed with it. He was also unimpressed by the audio from movies as well.
As I had only got the player yesterday, Richer(Preston) were more than happy to exchange for a different player with little explanation.

I am now sporting a Tosh SD330e which has an awesome RGB signal.
All resolved

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