RG6 Cable OK for Sky+?


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Hi All

I have a Sky engineer coming to fit my new Sky+ box on Monday and need to run the cabling before he comes. (Pace box hopefully)

Now I have some RG6 cable from before. Is this cble suitble, the runs will be about 10-15m or do I need to buy some other type of cable??

Any help and cable codes appreciated.




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RG6 will work, its just a lower grade cable. At 10-15m you may not notice any difference, but if you are really picky, I would run foam-filled CAI approved cable. And make sure the Sky installer uses it all the way from dish to box. I found that the SKy installers can use some real crap so its good that you're running your own cable. RG6 will do the job and if you are running RG6 to the dish position, make sure the the exposed, unterminated end is either sealed and also point it downwards to stop water flowing down the hollow plastic interior of the RG6 (water can destroy these, another benefit of foam-filled). Also, foam filled has better bending property's, protecting the solid copper core. CAI approved stuff (I've got SLX PF100 - lots of different names for the same thing) isn't that much more. I'd use it, particularly if you are looking to get HD etc. Might be worth it.


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By the way, if you are given an Amstrad Sky+, test dark scenes and try to spot vertical equally spaced shadows before the installer leaves. I had 2 of them before I finally got a Pace. Demand a Pace if you can.


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Agree with jw250.

RG6 should be ok, but your sky engineer may not agree to conenct to it. If there is any sort of call back on the job then he loses some of the money he would have made on the job.

If I was the installer I woudl want to install my own know cable to ensure the quality over some un approved RG6 stuff.

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